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Though we are conscious of what goes into our mouths,

…we sometimes don’t consider the meaning or purpose behind that action.

To understand maximum nourishment, we must first digest why we hope to achieve it – why must we strive for optimal nutrition? What will happen if we don’t consume the right foods, take in the proper nutrients?


Get Detox Cleanse Right: Benefits of Valuable Wheatgrass You Need to Know

What’s all the fuss about? Wheatgrass is a ‘must’ health miracle for anyone and definitely for anyone serious ...
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What does Quality of Your Life Depend on?

The quality of your life is dependent upon the quality of the life of your cells and Dr ...
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Role of Diet and Food: Assist Your Body with the Process of Cleansing

Your diet should be consistently assisting your body with the process of cleansing, ...rather than burdening it with ...
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Effective Food Combining

Dr. Ivan Pavlov, the man best known for his ground-breaking work with stimulus/response, is the first scientist to ...
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Energy: Fuel of Excellence

The higher the energy level, the more efficient our body. The more efficient our body, the better we ...
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Physiology of Transformation and 6 Principles of Vital Life

How would you like to sleep 4, 5, maybe 6 hours and wake up full of energy, ready ...
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Energy and Food Combining

Improper food combinations are destructive, and in fact, you can save yourself large amounts of nerve energy you ...
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Herbivores or Vegetarians are Biggest and Most Powerful Animals

The truth is that herbivores live longer than carnivores. Just imagine how vulture looks and think about why ...
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The Law of Life and Health by Alexander Bryce, M.D.

"When too little fluid is supplied, the blood maintains a higher specific gravity and the poisonous waste products ...
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