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The term “aerobic” means,

…literally, “with oxygen” and refers to moderate exercise sustained over a period of time.

Your aerobic system gives you your endurance, and it encompasses the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and aerobic muscles.

Mind Massage: A Miracle Solution for Confidence

As we got home pretty late after my older son's sporting evens and him still needing to finish ...
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Get Detox Cleanse Right: Benefits of Valuable Wheatgrass You Need to Know

What’s all the fuss about? Wheatgrass is a ‘must’ health miracle for anyone and definitely for anyone serious ...
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How to Detox Cleanse in Simple and Fun Way: Rebounding

One super fun way to support proper functioning of your lymph system, which is often referred to as ...
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The Myotatic Crunch for Visible Abs

Want visible abdominals in three weeks? One of the two exercises (the second being ...
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The Potbelly Look: Fix Pelvic Tilt with the Hip Flexor Stretch

The kneeling hip flexor stretch not only helps with hip extension but it also ...
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Energy: Fuel of Excellence

The higher the energy level, the more efficient our body. The more efficient our body, the better we ...
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How Marathon Became to be 26.2 Miles

Soon to be Chicago Marathon 2015 runner myself, we hold dear the marathon’s very own creation myth: a ...
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See Your Abs: A Corset or The Stomach Vacuum?

A quick Abs 101: the muscle fibers of the six-pack (rectus abdominis) run ...
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