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Life Coach Marianna Guenther Says Give up the Struggle and Achieve Your Goals

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My guest is Marianna Guenther, a Peak Lifestyle Strategist and founder of Athletezy, Inc. Drawing on her own background, personal development and never ending learning, she teaches her clients how to realize their dreams and potential by challenging the status quo, defying odds, bending rules, and living their lives on their own terms. Marianna has a unique approach for mindset and the power it has to reshape behavior. Her true passion is to help people focus on their own strengths and find answers within so that they can create real, lasting change in their lives and to realize that all they are searching for is already within them. Marianna is a firm believer that how you feel every moment is more important than what you do or what you have. Knowing what’s possible in life when you commit to your vision and pursue it with 100% passion, anything is possible.

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Listen to it here.

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