As a certified clinical hypnotherapist I do help people discover their own strength to stop smoking, eat healthier and exercise regularly. However, the most common request has been to have an increase in confidence which is done, of course, by changing their beliefs I’ve had close to 97% success rate with my clients. If you would like to have a permanent increase in your self confidence then let’s talk.

The hypnosis you may be familiar with or seen in stage shows is total misrepresentation of what hypnosis truly is. In fact you are completely awake the entire time and you have complete control of what your mind will accept as a suggestion. During our Mind Massage session, I’ll first show you how your unconscious mind works, then we chat about your desired outcome from the session, then i will take you through a guided meditation with some music in the background, give you the positive suggestions from our interview things we already discussed and then you will become fully alert and remember everything that happened and feel completely confident with these new suggestions that we allowed your unconscious mind to soak in. Further, you will feel totally refreshed as if you slept for 3 hours like my son understands it…

While there is an immediate change, I’ve found that the long-term affects can really start to be noticed about 3-weeks after the session. What some of my clients prefer, is monthly membership to keep the momentum going and to help them stay on the top of their game.

My sessions are backed by a guarantee that they will work for you. During the month of March 2016, I’m going to do away with my regular $500 session fee and instead help you find your inner strength in exchange for a donation to Feeding America.