Tom Brady Leading Patriots 3-0: the #1 Difference Between a World Champion and the Runners up - Coach Marianna Guenther Facebook Pixel

As Tom Brady leads New England Patriots yesterday to 51-17 win over the Jacksonville, he become just the fourth quarterback in NFL history to reach 400 career touchdowns. Brady finished 33-of-42 for 358 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. 

Brady is now 96-of-133 for 1,112 yards, nine touchdowns and no interceptions this season, which ties Peyton Manning (2010) and Don Meredith (1966) for the second-most touchdown passes without an interception in the first three team games of an NFL season.

Tom Brady became just the fourth quarterback in NFL history with 400 career touchdowns. AP Photo/Charles Krupa
Tom Brady became just the fourth quarterback in NFL history with 400 career touchdowns.
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

“You know, I’m just happy we’re 3-0, so thank you,” Tom Brady humbly said.

Watching this kind of greatness, do you ever wonder what is the #1 difference between a world champion and the runners up?

The truth is, it’s not skill. It’s not training or fitness. It’s not even motivation and how badly they want to win.

The fact is – it’s recovery time, the speed in which they rebound from setbacks and mistakes. And it takes practice.

Just picture a tennis player in the game of her life. She has just hit a weak backhand and she knows it.

In the immediate moments that follow, she re-centers herself physically into the “ready” position, facing the net squarely, ready for whatever type of ball comes her way.

More important factor, however, is whether she re-centers mentally and gets into the ready mind position in time…

…because here’s the thing. If half her mind is still upset over her last mistake, by the time the next ball comes, she will smash the ball into the net.

If you don’t recover fast enough, your small mistakes or setbacks can spiral into bigger ones.

Champions know this. They know how to recover fast—mentally.

How fast is your recovery time?

When you experience a setback – a rejection from a prospective client, getting admonished by your boss, losing your cool when talking to your teenager – how long does it take you to re-center yourself, mentally and emotionally?

The way you answer this question makes a difference between your success vs. failure. The good thing is that more you practice, the larger your mental muscle become. It’s just like physical exercise, you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow morning and run Marathon, would you? So exercise your recovery muscle and you will win in the game of life.