Blood Moon - Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse - not as Unique as Your Child's Smile - Coach Marianna Guenther Facebook Pixel

As millions of us tuned into NASA’s live stream of lunar eclipse while millions more walked outside and looked to the sky… to experience… to become part of an unique experience… be part of history…

And naturally, thinking about when will be the next time we can experience the next Blood Moon… the Super Moon – a full moon closest to the earth appearing larger and brighter – it will combine with a total lunar eclipse again in 2033.

We find uniqueness in Blood Moon and the Super Moon and a total lunar eclipse… and we sometimes forget to enjoy our child’s smile… a wind in our hair or face… We forget to appreciate life’s simple gifts and people and things we do have in our lives.

Is there something we can learn from Henry David Thoreau? How can we enjoy every moment and live in presence and ensure happiness every day… as it is our choice to be happy any time we choose to be happy.

Quoting Thoreau:

“I came into this world, not chiefly to make this a good place to live in, but to live in it, be it good or bad.”

Take a moment right now, stop what you’re doing… really, do it… and close your eyes and put your hands on your heart… and breath deeply through your heart… in and out… and appreciate three things in your life… three experiences that got you where you are today… three things you learned from… anything that you might had overcome and that experience made you a stronger person you are today… be grateful for any person, anything… not matter how big or small… just take two minutes and do this now. And know that when you are grateful, when you appreciate things and life gifts, you can’t be angry at the same time. The two emotions – gratitude and anger – can’t coexist.

And now you can return and go back to where you were… with a big smile on your face and make it your mission to put a smile on as many people’s faces as you can today.